Problem solved: Car Dealership gives woman money back

Woman gets money back from car dealership

A woman reached out to CBS 4 Problem Solvers and said she bought a car in March 2016 and still hadn't received the title from the dealership.

Rosa Echavarria said she bought her car from Chavena Motors in the Lower Valley. She kept going back to get the title, but was told they still didn't have it every time she went.

"(The dealership) said they were going to give me my title and I haven't received it for a year and a half," she said.

Echavarria hasn't been able to register her car or get license plates without the title.

When CBS 4 Problem Solvers went to the dealership for answers on Tuesday, they said they would trade her car for another with the title in hand.

"I'm going to change the car so she can be happy with it and there won't be a problem," Ramon Carrillo with Chavena Motors said on Tuesday.

Echavarria went back to the dealership Saturday afternoon. There weren't any cars available to trade, so Chavena Motors gave Echararria all her money back.

"I'm free because I'm going to buy a new car, so I can get my plates and my title," she said.

Echavarria paid $1,950 cash for the car and Chavena Motors gave her the same amount in cash.

Chavena Motors declined to do an interview on Saturday, saying they didn't want any more problems.

Echavarria said she's going to take her money to another dealership to get a car with a title.

"Don't buy cars like that," she said. "That was my first error. It's going to be my last time I buy those kind of cars."

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