Residents concerned about dead dogs dumped into canal

People living in San Elizario have been finding dead dogs dumped at a local canal. (CBS4)

CBS4 is following up with a problem solvers story we first brought you in April.

Some residents in San Elizario say dead pitbulls are still being dumped into canals in the area.

One resident we spoke with says the problem has been going on for months, despite calls to law enforcement.

He tells CBS4 the main issue is the dogs look like they have been attacked, causing concern about a possible dogfighting ring nearby.

However, there is no direct evidence of a dogfighting ring.

“At this time ... we have no information leading to that,” says San Elizario town marshal, Robert Hernandez. “As of right now, we are currently determining it to be just illegal dumping.”

Since the dogs are dumped in the canal, the Water Improvement District is in charge of removing the bodies.

CBS4 went to the district; they say they will ramp up surveillance in the area.

Hernandez tells us this will help them get closer to the root of the problem.

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