CBS4 Problem Solvers finds out why Santa Teresa neighborhood was out of water for 19 hours

Santa Teresa neighborhood asks CBS4 Problem Solvers why water was restored after 19 hours (Source: CBS4)

Those who live in the View Point Estates Community right off of McNutt Road in Santa Teresa told CBS4 Problem Solvers a familiar and inconvenient problem happened yet again this summer.

"It is the third break that we've had in the course of the summer,” Donald Hopson, a neighbor, said.

Hopson and other neighbors said a water line burst, causing an outage that lasted all of Sunday and part of Monday morning. Some said the outage lasted an estimated 19 hours.

"I knew people who didn't go to work this morning because they weren't able to get ready to go to work,” Hopson said.

Others say the water outage impacted more than their faucets. Air-conditioning units weren’t running in the Borderland summer heat.

"It was really hard to sleep because I felt so gross and it was so hot in the house,” Scott Turner, a neighbor, said.

Officials with the Camino Real Regional Utility Authority said water has been restored to the View Point Estates neighborhood. Now, crews can replace the old, broken pipe with a brand new one.

Utility officials said workers encountered some issues repairing the water line, causing the outage to last as long as it did.

"We were reluctant to try to fix it yesterday for two reasons,” Brent Westmoreland, executive director for the Camino Real Regional Utility Authority, said.

“For one, the tree going in and falling over. And secondly, the root base disrupting the gas, the electric, further damage to the water and the telephone. There were four utilities all right in a close proximity, so it was really congested there."

Some neighbors told CBS4 Problem Solvers they understood the issues the utility had when trying to repair the line and want more information when these outages happen.

"A lot of people, if they know what they are dealing with, they can go to some kinfolk's place for a day or a night,” Hopson said.

Others simply want new pipes.

"Redo the pipes because clearly there's problems with them,” Turner said.

Officials with the Camino Real Regional Utility Authority said most of this year’s funding is going toward wastewater collection.

The executive director said the utility will upgrade various water pipes in the area with more funding from the state next year.

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