The Mattress Store Viscount location closes, leaving customer without paid merchandise

The Matress Store Viscount location has closed.

Irene Hernandez has to work through an unexpected dilemma in the simple purchase of a mattress and box spring from The Mattress Store.

“The fact that there was no communication is really disappointing. Poor business, if you ask me,” Hernandez said.

Hernandez said she called the store multiple times since her purchase in February to set up delivery.

“They failed in two attempts to deliver,” Hernandez said. “Both times were a no-call, no-show.”

Hernandez finally decided to settle the matter in person and go to the store herself.

“I went to the Viscount. I come to find out that they're completely closed,” Hernandez said.

Hernandez had already paid for her mother’s mattress and box spring but had no product in hand.

“How can people take advantage of other people in matters like this?” she asked.

Mary Beth Stevens is the president of the Better Business Bureau Paso Del Norte.

She said that, in the past, the Better Business Bureau has received delivery complaints from customers about The Mattress Store but hasn't received any since the closure.

“Even if a company has gone into bankruptcy, they have obligations to fulfill. It’s just where you fall in line in terms of how they’re going to meet them or not,” Stevens said.

Hernandez said she was referred to another store, which offered her a mattress it claimed was of similar value, but she said the quality does not match that of her original purchase.

“If I don’t get my money back, that’s fine but at least give me something that’s at least similar to the product I purchased or something to the equal quality,” Hernandez said.

Now, she has again started her search for a mattress good enough for her elderly mother.

“What bothers me more is my mother having to suffer the consequences for their poor business. That’s what bothers me and upsets me the most,” Hernandez said.

Stevens suggests filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and the Better Business Bureau.

She also suggests, in the future, using a credit card for large purchases. That way, the credit company can help in disputes such as this one.

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