Weeds at a Las Cruces home stand several feet tall, neighbors want them gone

Weeds at Las Cruces house are several feet tall and neighbors want them gone. (CBS4)

People living in a Las Cruces neighborhood want the weeds in a nearby home gone.

It’s a growing problem that people say is an eye soreeyesore in their neighborhood.

People living on Aspen Avenue said they take pride in their homes and keep their yards clean.

But the weeds on a home on the street are now several feet tall.

A neighbor said the woman who lived at the home used to take care of the house but she died three years ago.

CBS4 Problem Solvers called the city codes enforcement office and found out that the home was foreclosed.

When the happens, the bank hires a company to maintain the property.

There is a notice with the company’s name on a window of the house but neighbors say no one has been by to clean up the house in more than two months.

Kyle Smith also lives on Aspen Avenue and he says the monstrous weeds get worse when it rains.

"When you let the weeds get five5 or six6 feet tall it then causes that it makes the property around you look bad, it also increases mosquitoes, other things like that, I've had an increase in mosquitoes this year that I can't even talk about, they're just horrid,” Smith said.

A code enforcement officer went out to inspect the property an hour after CBS4 Problem Solvers contacted them.

The officer got a hold of the property manager who told him someone would be out to take care of the weed problem as soon as possible.

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