Woman hasn't received car title more than a year after buying car

Rosa Echavarria said she hasn't received the title for a car she bought in 2016 from Chavena Motors.

An El Paso woman hasn't received her car title after buying a car from Chavena Motors more than a year and a half ago.

Rosa Echavarria said she paid for her car in full March 10, 2016.

"(The dealership) said they were going to give me my title and I haven't received it for a year and a half," Echavarria said.

Each time she goes to the dealership, they give her paper plates and tell her to keep waiting, according to Echavarria. She can't register her car or get insurance without the title.

Echavarria said she's afraid to drive the car and get pulled over, so it mostly stays in the parking spot in front of her apartment.

"Sometimes I can't go to work because I'm afraid of the police," she said. "I need my title so I can get my plates."

CBS 4 On Your Side took our camera to the dealership in the Lower Valley for answers.

"I want my money back or give me another car," Echavarria said. "I just want something."

That's exactly what's going to happen.

"I'm going to change the car so she can be happy with it and there won't be a problem," Ramon Carrillo with Chavena Motors said. "I just purchased the car at auction and the title hasn't arrived, so that's why I'm giving her another car."

The dealership bought the car at auction and the title never arrived, according to Carrillo. Carrillo said he'll give Echavarria the title for the new car when she picks it up on Saturday.

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