Dangers of alternative cancer treatments shown in study

Some patients choosing alternative cancer treatments delays treatments like surgery and chemotherapy.

People with certain types of cancer are seeking alternative methods of treatments and getting negative results.

A doctor with the Yale School of Medicine reports some patients are refusing or delaying conventional cancer treatment in favor of alternative therapies.

Alternative therapy treatments are administered by non-medical personnel.

A recent report out of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute reports some patients choosing alternative therapies to treat common, curable cancer double their risk of death.

Delaying conventional medical treatments like surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation could allow cancer to spread and reach more advanced stages and the survival rate then goes down.

A doctor with the Yale School of Medicine reports healthier, well-educated people with higher income are more likely to choose alternative cancer treatments.

Doctors involved in the study say alternative medicine kills cancer patients.

They say it's basically no different than refusing treatment altogether.

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