'Sandlot' star will always remember El Paso

Tom Guiry, aka Smalls, stands with the Chihuahuas for the National Anthem on 'Sandlot Night'

(credit: KDBC)

(CBS4) -- Usually, when a movie icon makes appearances for an anniversary tour it entails fans asking "Can I have a picture? Can you sign this? Can you... can I... blah blah blah." However El Pasoan Ray Navarro turned the tables on Tom Guiry, better known as his unforgettable character 'Smalls' in The Sandlot, when Navarro presented the actor with two 'Smalls' bobble-heads at the Chihuahuas game on Saturday night. Navarro did ask for one to be signed but then he asked Guiry how many of his own bobble-heads he owned.

"Actually, I don't have any," Smalls said.

"Now you do," Navarro replied then shook his hand and walked away.

After Guiry threw out the first pitch he continued signing autographs and taking pictures with adoring fans for all 9-innings of the Chihuahuas 'Sandlot Night,' commemorating the 25th anniversary of the movie's release. El Paso players wore special jerseys which featured The Sandlot cover and a few minor alterations. Proceeds from the night will go towards helping the Boys & Girls Club.

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