UTEP football using "high tech" recruiting tools

UTEP football using “high tech” recruiting tools

UTEP recruiting director Matt Rahl is using a unique style of graphics, GIF’s and other creative ways to lure players to El Paso.

“There's usually a story to tell them but you also have to stay relevant and make sure they think you're cool enough, says Rahl. “The kids love it. They love the attention as much as anything.”

His team of graphic designers do whatever they can to make sure recruits remember UTEP when the prospective players get text messages or even regular mail.

“I just had a recruit that texted me yesterday said hey coach, it's been like three days since I've gotten a graphic, what's going on.” said Rahl. “He just wants more and more of it.”

Rahl isn’t sure if he pioneered this new way of getting a recruit’s attention, but he knows it’s definitely cutting edge.

“When I was at the University of Missouri, we had an unlimited budget and sent-out about 1400 recruiting letters a day,” Rahl said. "But when I took a job at the University of Wyoming, we were on a very tight budget, so I had to get creative, and now I’m using that same creativity at UTEP.”

Rahl does use envelopes, but unlike a usual letter, he uses see-through envelopes so a recruit can see himself imposed in a UTEP football uniform, at the Sun Bowl, holding a pick axe, etc.

“They see it, they get the message,” said Rahl.

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