El Paso MMA champ has eye examined; fight declared a draw

El Paso MMA champ Cynthia Arceo did not lose her title defense Sunday night, but she did not win it, either. Her fight vs Loveth Young was stopped in the 4th round and was declared a draw when Arceo got poked in her right eye. "She (Young) was warned several times about punching with an open hand, " Arceo tells CBS4 Sports. "She caught me good and I couldn't see for several hours."

The California Boxing Commission would not allow Arceo to fly back to El Paso until her eye was thoroughly examined. "They performed all kinds of tests and wouldn't let me get back on the plane until they knew my vision had improved," says Arceo.

She now has to find a specialist in El Paso who can perform further testing. Once that happens, the specialist will have to alert the CBC that Arceo's eye is well enough to fight again.

Arceo has a scheduled fight in Japan later this summer and hopes to fight a rematch with Young before she goes overseas. Areceo still has the MMA King of the Cage strawweight championship.

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