El Pasoan heads to Dallas after being recruited for Cowboys' dance team

Ariel Griego will be performing with the Dallas Cowboys Rhythm and Blue Dancers.

An El Pasoan with the heart of a dancer is spending her last few days in the Sun City.

Ariel Griego,18, will be moving to Dallas, Texas, to become a part of the Dallas Cowboys Rhythm and Blue Dancers.

“I had to go through prelims, semifinals and finals,” said Griego.

“Each of those auditions were back to back each weekend. I had to drive to Dallas each weekend,” said Griego.

The teenager passed each hurdle in the competitive challenge to become one of the youngest dancers on the team.

The Pebble Hills High School graduate said she has only been dancing for about five years, but has maintained a strict dance and workout routine that has disciplined her.

“I would wake up at 5 in the morning, go to the gym and get ready to go to school. After school, (I would) come home, eat something and then go straight to dance practice,” said Griego.

Griego comes from a long line of Dallas Cowboys football fans.

“We bleed blue,” said JoAnna Lopez, Griego’s mother.

At a young age, Griego remembers rooting for America’s Team with her family.

“When my grandpa was alive -- he passed a year ago -- we would always go to his house and we would get together during the games,” said Griego.

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