Frazier absence will remain a mystery, UTEP free falls

utep mbb Frazier 111.jpg

EL PASO, Texas (CBS4) -- Phil Johnson had no intentions of playing senior guard Keith Frazier against FAU on Thursday but play Frazier did.

"We talked before and he was ready to go but didn't have any expectations of playing," UTEP's interim basketball head coach said after the loss. "We just needed a spark."

Frazier finally got on the floor midway through the second half but was ineffective at best.

"It wasn't fair to him," Johnson second-guessed. "(Frazier) just got back and was not in game-shape."

UTEP held a five-point lead at half but surrendered a 32-12 FAU scoring run, as a result of being dominated on the glass (49-33), before eventually cutting the lead down to one possession. Johnson hoped UTEP's scoring leader would provide some type of a spark but the damage had been done.

Frazier's leave is still being called a 'personal' one and there is slim chance any more light will be shed on the decision.

"It doesn't matter anymore," Johnson said when asked if the move was a disciplinary one. "I've been told not to say anything but I will say this, in his mind and my mind, Keith's well-being is my number one concern."

UTEP (6-11; 1-4) is now dead last in Conference USA. Oh, and did we mention this was supposed to be the easy part of their conference-schedule?

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