Irvin High named recipient of ‘Howdy’s Field of Dreams’

    Field of Dreams Ribbon Cutting

    The Howdy’s Field of Dreams program aims to make local baseball fields sparkle again.

    This year, Irvin High received the award. On Friday afternoon, members of the Irvin High baseball team, the El Paso Independent School District, and the El Paso Chihuahuas attended a ribbon-cutting ceremony to unveil the new field.

    “We’re just really happy to be able to participate in this and make it a safer field, a better field, to let the kids have a lot more fun and to enjoy the game, and not focus on some of the other issues that might be in the back of their minds,” said Government Affairs of Texas endeavor, D.J. Smith.

    Irvin baseball players

    Renovations of the field began in February, and were recently completed. The Chihuahuas’ grounds crew was responsible for the renovations, which included a process of adding dirt to the infield, laser grading the outfield grass, adding new clay to the pitching mound and batters’ boxes, and installing new rubber on the mound and at home plate.

    The field was also supplied with new rakes, two sets of bases, and mats for batting practice and the bullpen, as well as a mat to protect the mound when not in use.

    “Not only is this important to the community for health and wellness, and seeing kids succeed in this community, but there are also some crossover areas in this community, like stem education and environmental conservation and sustainability, but I think there are some great tie-ins with this great project to those two areas,” Smith said.

    Chico the Chihuahua

    This year was the fifth year that Howdy’s and the Chihuahuas have worked together on the Field of Dreams Project. The other recipients have been Jefferson High School in 2014, Bel Air High Schoolin 2015, Andress High School in 2016, and Ernie Rascon Memorial Baseball Field in 2017.

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