ONLY ON CBS4: UTEP Basketball spins new tune, hires DJ

DJ utep 111.jpg

EL PASO, Texas (CBS4) -- We doubt he'll be taking requests but we can promise UTEP fans are in for something they've never seen before. Jason Craig tells CBS4's Eric O'Brien that he wants to see every fan on their feet, having a good time, until Thursday night's tip-off against FAU.

"These songs are going to be foot-stomping hand-clapping songs," Craig said. "Definitely when the families are coming in, that's how we're going to go!"

Craig says Thursday will be his first live sporting event he's ever DJ'd so there will be a feeling out period. He'll also play on Saturday when UTEP hosts FIU, and if all goes well during these trial games there is potential for Craig to become a 'house' hold name for UTEP Athletics.

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