Ortiz: "Devon will be my Valentine"

ortiz alexander 215.jpg

EL PASO, Texas (CBS4) -- Thursday's final press conference at the Don Haskins Center was pretty tame for the big Ortiz/Alexander fight. That is until the former world champions were asked how they celebrated Valentine's Day:

"Victor (Ortiz) is going to have to pay for that," Devon Alexander said. "He made my wife miss Valentine's Day so he's going to have to pay for that."

Victor Ortiz countered with, "I guess we're on the same note because I didn't have a valentine. Devon will be my Valentine."

The fighters grew up friends but vow their bout will be anything but friendly on Saturday. As for predictions?

"I will raise my hands victorious," Ortiz promised, in less than eight rounds.

"Don't blink," Alexander remarked. "It might not go seven."

Ortiz/Alexander can be seen on KFOX14 starting at 6:00 pm. IBF Women's Featherweight champ and El Paso native Jennifer Han's fight will follow the main event as a co-main-event (*not televised).

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