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Super bowl champs send o-line coach to evaluate UTEP Pro Day

utep hernandez pro day 320.jpg

Twelve teams sent scouts to watch UTEP football's annual pro day, one team actually sent their coach - the Philadelphia Eagles. The interest is generated by UTEP's all-american offensive lineman Will Hernandez, who is projected to be drafted in the first or second round come April 26 in Dallas.

"It's awesome finally getting recognized," the 340-pound'er said. "I always knew I had to offer, to bring to the table. It was just a matter of time before everyone else saw it."

Scouts are also interested in Alvin Jones, the twin brother of Packers running back Aaron Jones, but he may have to change positions from linebacker to fullback.

"You gotta do whatever you can to make the team," Alvin joked. "Nothing negative against it so if they're looking at me for it I might as well work at it."

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