Amy LicerioReporter

Connect With Amy Licerio

Amy Licerio was born and raised in the Borderland.

She is our CBS4 Daybreak reporter, and is focused on being a voice for the stories that need to be told in her hometown.

Her love of journalism came from watching her reporter aunt, Isabel Amparan. She would see her on the news every weeknight and then hang out with her on the weekend. Izzy, as Amy would call her, made the job look so fun and easy, and as a kid she knew she wanted to work in the news field.

Amy carried her interest into middle school and high school, where she worked in publications and year books. She found that she could put her personal touch on every story and item she would write.

Amy enrolled at The University of Texas at El Paso after graduating from Franklin High School.

Throughout her college career, Amy sang with local bands.

She used singing to engage with strangers and help whenever possible.

Through singing, she has worked with the El Paso Diabetes Association, Polo for Aids and many local benefits to help those in the community.

While Amy was working toward her Multi-Media Journalism degree with a minor in Creative Writing, she was an intern for local television and radio station.

She learned first and foremost to make herself useful in a newsroom. She did this by rolling the prompter, making phone calls and offering to help reporters by following them in the field.

She also blogged for a radio stations’ website in her free time as a creative outlet.

Amy wanted more broadcast insight, so she spearheaded a broadcast winter-mester.

The program is still running at UTEP, and it allows students to be excited about a career in broadcast.

Amy graduated from UTEP with her degree in in 2015 and started working in production for KFOX14 and CBS4.

It took 6 months of learning to report and write with Sinclair techniques in order for Amy to land her first reporting job with the station.

Amy uses every day as another opportunity to understand something a little more.

She is discovering things about the city she grew up in and the people in it that want to see improvements and traditions stay the same.

She hopes to represent the city in the best way possible! Go Miners!